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How Marijuana has Influenced Fashion & Culture in Canada

How Marijuana has Influenced Fashion & Culture in Canada

The consumption of marijuana has been a popular trend in Canada even before its legalization by Justin Trudeau. The use of pot has become a social and cultural cornerstone of Canadians everywhere. It is the most popular drug in Canada consumed by over 14% of the entire population according to Statistics Canada but this number is likely to be a lot more according to experts.

Apart from its consumption marijuana has also taken over the media spotlight being the topic of discussion on most news channels and radio stations. Its influence has also trickled over into art and music with some of the most popular commercial tracks being related to marijuana in one form or another.

Reefer madness as we like to call it is here to stay and this trend has now become a central point of the Canadian fashion industry. The stoner style is in hot demand these days especially amongst teenagers who have dropped the hippy style for a more modern and cool millennial style that is a far cry from the dopey dudes of yore.

The music industry has always influenced the fashion industry. With hot music celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus wearing their blunt-loving hearts on their sleeves marijuana fashion has become a symbol of style, freedom and class.

Many popular designers like Alexander Wang, Mara Hoffman and Jeremy Scott incorporated marijuana designs into their clothing collection because let’s be honest almost all designers and celebrities hold some form of fondness for bud.

The use of the marijuana leaf in the designing of apparel has evolved exponentially since the days of reggae and hippies. Today, outfits worn by celebrities are lined with awe-inspiring designs like this one worn by America’s sweetheart Miley Cyrus.

All of this has influenced fashion and culture in Canada especially since Canada is more pro-marijuana than its U.S. neighbor.  Teenagers and adults alike have begun to incorporate marijuana designs in daily wear clothing with a sense of pride as marijuana is no longer seen as a killer drug but rather it has become for many a lifestyle choice.

Fashion has always been an expression of who you are and what mood you might be in. Clothing is all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. The marijuana leaf is that statement and because of its unique design, it can be incorporated in many ways to most apparels whether it be casual or formal.

From insane designs to class and elegance the marijuana leaf can be integrated into pretty much any kind of clothing or apparel. A well-designed leaf on a hat or a t-shirt changes the whole look and feel on an otherwise boring piece of clothing.

At THC Clothing we incorporate your love for bud in all of our apparel designs from t-shirts, hats, hoodies, blankets and more.

Marijuana is more than a symbol it has grown to become a sign of peace, freedom and harmony. We have integrated all of that in this amazing hooded blanket that just screams American freedom with the pot leaf depicting unity and peace.

Marijuana is proven to be one of the safest drugs one can recreationally consume with little to no side effects. In fact, marijuana today is used in many cancer-related treatments to help patients deal with pain, anxiety and lack of appetite.




In Canada especially marijuana’s legalization has taken away the myth of it being a ‘gateway drug’ and is considered by many to be perfectly socially acceptable. In many ways, it can be argued that smoking marijuana is a million times better than smoking cigarettes.

As far as the myths of it making you stupid let’s just say that some of the most creative people on this planet consume marijuana on a daily basis. Snoop Dog built his entire career on smoking marijuana and is one of the most highly regarded rap artist in the music industry. And if you are thinking well that’s just one artist you are truly mistaken. Legends like Bob Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Madonna and many more besides have long consumed marijuana to enhance creativity and have publically denounced this fact in both their music and apparel. 

The idolization and personification of pot in art, music, and fashion have transcended marijuana’s image to new heights. Today, it is in the very fabric of Canada’s social culture and embraced by young adults and elder alike with pride and without fear.

We at The High Council take this matter very seriously and have built a lifestyle brand around marijuana that is tailored for pot lovers everywhere. We believe marijuana is the best social and recreational drug out there whether you are sitting by a campfire or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

Pot is a lifestyle choice and for many, it is a way to relax and appreciate the finer things in life. At THC Clothing we strive to incorporate this vibe and feel in all our apparel designs. We embrace this vibe and tailor and design our apparel to look fashionable and functional while making a bold statement.

Marijuana has greatly influenced Canadian fashion and culture and this trend is here to stay. The legalization of marijuana in Canada has resulted in a global trend toward marijuana legalization with more and more people sharing and supporting their love for pot.


We at THC Clothing fully support these individuals and the fight for marijuana legalization around the world. We look to inspire through our designs so that true cannabis enthusiasts around the world can look great while making a statement.

Check out our latest collection that is sure to amaze all your pot-loving friends the next time you all go out! 

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