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The Best Ways to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test in 2018

The Best Ways to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test in 2018



Hello and welcome to The High Council. If you're a first-time visitor please consider bookmarking our page or joining our mailing list. You don't want to miss future articles. We do our best to have the products, news, and resources that cannabis users worldwide benefit from knowing. This article is about learning how to pass annoying ass drug tests if you are a cannabis user. In my home state, we are still forced to pass drug tests for employers, parole officers, police, and even judges. If you use marijuana and want to get a good job, have a career and most importantly stay out jail - you need to know how to pass urine drug tests too so Marijuana can't be detected.

Drug testing and Marijuana

Every Marijuana user that I personally know have to pass a drug test for Marijuana. They are tested by employers, court, parole officers or other reasons at least one time in their lives. Usually multiple times. Cannabis users need to know the best ways to make sure they don't fail any type of urine drug test. Protect yourself to prevent Marijuana from being detected. Do not make it easy for them to detect marijuana in your urine. If are currently having to deal with drug testing, if you have had to deal with urine tests or you think urine testing will be a potential problem you will have in future then this article will help you pass a urine test if you use Marijuana. This article is for smokers who say fuck you and use cannabis even though they forced drug testing for pot. I focus on how to get away to pass a drug test if you use Marijuana.

 Cannabis Drug Test 2018

Unlike alcohol, cocaine or prescription pills, which are water soluble and can pass through your system in a matter of days, cannabis metabolites are fat soluble. This means they stay in a smoker’s system much longer than any other kind of drug.
Exactly how long the metabolites will be detachable can vary greatly from person to person. Some things that affect the lifespan of these positive-test-causing chemicals is an individual’s weight, activity level, and diet. The less fat a person has on their body, the more quickly the metabolites will diminish.
The standard urine drug test for cannabis will be deemed positive if the given sample has more than 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). Generally, for someone who uses once a week or less, cannabis will be undetectable after one-five days.
Users who indulge regularly, or more than once a week, can give a positive result for up to three weeks. Heavy users, those who smoke multiple times a day, can find traces of cannabis in their systems anywhere from four to six weeks after halting use.

One of cannabis users biggest problems with the exception of jail time is passing 90% of the time a urine drug test. In my area all stoners have this exact problem every few years.  Usually, drug testing is 99% of the time a pain in the ass for smokers looking for a job or trying to keep their current jobs. I've done my homework researching passing drug tests online because I smoke Marijuana daily. I do not have an medical conditions, I just like to smoke Marijuana to relax. Included in this post are real-life examples and things I trust that have worked in real life instances. These are exactly the same things I do to pass drug tests to avoid Marijuana being detected. Unfortunately for me I have a lot of first hand experience passing drug testing.

I'm going to share a couple of my detoxing strategies that have worked 15 years cleaning Marijuana out of my urine. I smoke cannabis daily. I can brag that I have not failed a urine test in 15 years. I tested the strategies I use for urine tests at home using home drug testing kits specifically used to detect Marijuana on myself before applying for jobs or the actual drug test. I also used this system to pass court-ordered drug testing twice a week for almost 20 weeks strait.

Stopping Marijuana use will not always work

If someone tells you just to quit smoking marijuana for 30 days to pass a drug test, then mention that urine Drug testing does not only affect marijuana users but also non-smokers as well. Educate non-cannabis users exactly how unfair urine drug testing is for everyone that has to take a urine test. It will affect 15℅ of all non-users that drug test each year also being forced to pass a drug test.

According to the last study, I read there is a 15% chance that you will fail a urine drug test whether you use cannabis or not. Even if your urine is 100% clean because you have not been smoking pot or have never smoked marijuana one time in your life, there is a 15% chance you will FAIL a urine drug test. 15 out of every 100 people have a chance of failing a urine test. If you are 100% certain you are going to pass a drug test I would still play it safe and use one of the natural techniques discussed in this article.


I learned how to pass a urine test because I failed a drug that showed positive for Marijuana when it should not have. I had not smoked any Marijuana in six months. Not even one bowl pack. I was mad as hell. False positives can happen to anyone including you if you have to take a urine test. It is very frustrating but unfortunately it is a reality for cannabis users. 

Luckily I argued with the company until they gave me another drug test and I passed it. I did not do anything differently. I successfully passed the same test five days later. There is a 15% chance whether you smoke pot or don't smoke weed that you will fail a urine test for Marijuana. I do not personally know anything you can do whether you smoke pot or do not smoke marijuana that us 100% guaranteed to pass when you take passing a urine drug test. I do know how to increase your odds passing a drug test if you use Marijuana.

What I never recommend doing passing urine test

Avoid using any tactics that invoke adding any chemical to your urine after it is in the cup. You should not try adding bleach, salt or anything else to your urine to pass a urine drug test. It will most likely be detected, and you will fail the test automatically. If you add any chemicals to your urine and they're detected, you will not get a 2nd chance to take another urine test in that particular situation. You can argue a failed drug test a lot of times. It's impossible to retake a drug test if any foreign chemicals are detected.

You won't get that job or worse if its court ordered you can end up going to jail. Unless it's a new product released and you have tested it, then I would not try adding chemicals to your urine in the specimen cup. Personally, I've never tried adding anything to my urine to pass a drug test. Since every employers and test is different this may be a method that could work for your situation, but in my experience it isn't the best solution. 

I'm only suggesting tactics that I know work from experience for passing all types of urine drug tests. I' am a daily smoker seven days a week. I'm not a weekend pothead. I have been smoking marijuana 27 years. No matter what the Panel Level of the drug test is I think I've had it to take it and I have passed it. I passed a military drug test when I enlisted. Don't add any chemicals to your urine to pass a drug test unless you know to test for that chemical yourself and check it.

Passing Drug Tests Must Do’s

The first and the most essential step in my experience for passing a drug test if you are using cannabis is to always flush out your body a minimum of 6 hours in advance or better yet the night before the actual drug test. From my own experiences with drug testing if you start drinking lots of water the night before and drink it until your pissing clear you have a better chance of passing the test. I start flushing out my urine a minimum of 6 hours before my appointment. As soon as I wake up, I use the bathroom and start drinking water until my urine is clear as water again.


Drink water for marijuana detox

The second most important step in passing a drug test for marijuana users is that you buy a few over the counter drug testing kits that are specifically for detecting marijuana. If you use one of my suggestions or any over the counter product(s), I always recommend you test that method first, using over the counter home drug testing kits at least one time before you try passing the actual drug test trying a new technique.

Don't be so worried about the upfront costs of Marijuana home drug test kits. Considering the fact if you know how to pass a drug test it will help you get a job, keep your job or keeps you out of jail - it's definitely worth the upfront expenses of buying over the counter home drug test kits to practice with in the comfort of your home. You have to find out what works for your body type to pass drug tests.

The 3rd thing I do myself is I do not urinate in the cup when I first start urinating. I relieve myself in the commode first for a split second then add then put the cup in position mid stream to catch only the middle of my urine flow. Then move the cup and obviously finish peeing in the toilet. I never use the first of my urine or the last of my urine. It makes sense to me that they'll be more chemicals when you first start peeing or finish peeing than the middle of my urine. I either was told this or read. I believe it helps pass a urine test.

The last step I recommend is for you to take B2 or B12 vitamin supplements. It turns your urine back to a yellowish looking color and if I'm not mistaken adds chemicals back to your urine. Also, Creatine supplements help replace proteins you lose when you detox.


You can fail a drug test if you are clean

It's possible when being drug tested that your urine is too clean and you fail the drug test. Labs that do the actual testing consider it failing a drug test If your urine is to clean. I've had that happen and know for a fact they will fail you if your urine is too clean. The people doing the testing are not stupid and know exactly what people have done in the past to get past the cannabis drug tests.


Don't fail a marjuana drug test, know how to beat it

Years ago when I use to be a young and dumb pothead, I learned not to get my urine to clean to pass a urine drug test. I was applying for a job that I wanted. To get past the drug test I bought and used the latest top advertised cleanser. I think it was green tea(one of my favorite detoxes) from my local GNC. At the time it was being promoted as the best detox. I followed the directions exactly.

It worked, and no marijuana showed up in my urine. It worked so well that there were not enough natural vitamins, nutrients and minerals in my urine. I'm assuming there's a minimum number of vitamins and minerals your urine that the testing lab is looking for in particular. 

Why you should take vitamins to pass a drug test

I recommend you do not forget to take B2 or B12 vitamins and creatine supplements as they are very important. B vitamins should add color back to your urine. Test out taking B vitamins at home a few times in advance to adjust the dosage for your body type. B vitamins can help turn your urine back to yellowish color. But too many B vitamins can turn your urine to a greenish color. So be careful - you have to test the dosage. In my opinion creatine supplements also add proteins back to my urine and help replace chemicals that my urine normally has. I don't want it appear like I'm flushing out system.

I've smoked the night before and flushed out and passed a drug the next day within 12 hours of smoking. I don't recommend you try that yourself until you are 85% certain you can fool the testing labs. I will smoke the night before a drug test. I'm a cocky asshole though.  I've been drug tested dozens of times over the years. I know my body type and exactly what my urine is supposed to look like and how to pass a drug test.

How I understand it is you are not passing the drug test. You're masking it or tricking the drug test. They're not only looking for chemicals like THC but also looking for natural compounds that are supposed to be in your urine. You are making it appear your urine is clean and natural long enough to pass it. It's not clean but massively diluted or watered down. I'm only watering down my urine, so the chemicals they are looking are not detected for a few hours.

Does Midol, Vinegar or other diuretics help pass a drug test?

Diuretics just basically makes you go to bathroom more often than usual. I've used vinegar in combination with other diuretics when I flush out my system while drinking lots of water to dilute the Marijuana in my urine. I find it really helps in passing a drug test if you use cannabis. I would not use vinegar by itself as the only defense trying to pass a drug test. I add vinegar to the water I drink when I am watering my urine down for the test. I can tell personally a slight difference between how clear my urine is if I use vinegar and/or other diuretics. I use the bathroom a lot more when I add vinegar to the water while I am detoxing. I personally put vinegar in one out of every three glasses of water out i drink.

Once again I recommend testing it yourself at home using Marijuana home drug test kits before you go to the actual appointment for the urine test. I know stoners that personally swear by vinegar. I want to mention some professionals say using vinegar to pass a drug test is just a myth. Personally, I think it depends on your body type.

Most solutions you hear from other stoners and read about all involve diacritics. If the strategy passing a drug test consists of using:


Cranberry juice

Pickle Juice



Green tea



Green Tea

Lots of water or

Just about anything that else that makes you urinate more. I understand it as you are flushing out your system and diluting your urine. Do not forget vitamin B2 or B12 supplements to add color back to urine and possibly creatine supplements to also add minerals back to your urine. If not, you may fail to because your urine is to watered down.


Let's talk a little bit about diuretics, like Midol. Diuretics make you urinate a lot more and help your body remove extra water and sodium. Coffee, beer, weight loss pills, and some Dr. prescribed medication are also diuretics. Midol is one is a cheapest and most effective ways to flush out metabolites that drug tests labs screen for. I think Midol helps women deal with water gain during their periods. That is my understanding of it. I do know it works for me passing a urine test.

Don't worry if you are a guy. I won't tell your friends that you are taking Midol. Midol will not turn you into a girl. You won't grow breasts and start having periods. I know it sounds crazy for men to take Midol, but it is worth trying. I'm assuming Midol helps women get rid of water gain during their periods and that is why Midol allows men and women to both pass drug tests. I would not just take Midol by itself without drinking plenty of water in combination with taking Midol.

Do Over the Counter/Detox shakes work?

I use Detox drinks in combination when I flush out my urine to for any type of drug test. If it's an important drug test then I drink one detox shake the night before and then drink one 4 to 6 hours before my drug test. No matter what the directions say I continue drinking water after drinking the Detox shake - usually 2 hours before the drug test. I've tested the process at home and with real life pass or fail drug testing and I know it works very well. Detox shakes usually contain B vitamins and creatine and adds back nutrients back to your urine you lost while you were flushing out. I've read they are 100% guaranteed to work. I've also read it's a myth that detox shakes clean your urine. You have to test them to find out what works for your body type.

For my body type Detox shakes help me pass drug tests. I've never failed a drug test flushing out with water combined with vinegar in 1 out of 3 glasses of water or drinking green tea and using a detox shake 4 to 6 hours before my appointments. I also take a few Midol a day for 3 days daily before the drug test. I take B vitamins and creatine supplements usually the night before the test. My urine is clearer than water the night before I start taking B vitamins to add color back to my urine. I always make sure the detox shake I buy and use B vitamins and creatine supplements added.

I can't guarantee 100% that you will pass. No one can guarantee you will pass a urine test for Marijuana.

I've already stated there is a 15% chance you will fail the test even if you have never smoked one joint. Whether you pass or fail, your drug test will depend on how much drug testing you do at home using home drug testing kits that detect Marijuana. If you have not ever tested ways to clean your urine, then buy some home drug test kits for Marijuana and test techniques until you have your customized method.

Learn what works for your body type. Everybody is different and it's important to understand this. The suggestions in this article are from my experiences and what I read over the years. They have worked very well for me and hopefully they will work for you as well. 

In my experience, the most crucial step in passing any type of urine test is testing at home with over the counter drug test kits you can buy online or possibly your local pharmacy. It helps ensure that you are going to have the results you are looking for prior to going in for your test. 

Good luck passing those annoying ass drug tests. Hopefully this is you after getting the green light!

passing a marijuana drug test


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