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Top 10 Stoner Memes From April 2018

On our Stoner Memes Facebook page, we like to post as often as we can.  Since we post so many memes, you may not get the chance to see them all. You could be missing out on our best memes, and we just can’t be having that.  You will no longer have to worry about that though – we have your back. We have decided to do a monthly top 10 of the most top memes from each month. So without further ado, enjoy the most popular memes we posted on our Facebook Page from the month of April!  



It's a feeling that every stoner knows very well. It seems like nothing can go your way, and the whole world is falling apart. It's all good though because you're baked on some great weed - and great weed makes everything better!



Seriously, could this meme be any more accurate? Every stoner knows weed is not cheap, and I would be pumped if someone was willing and offering to get me stoned. But if you're going to turn it down for free? Smh.


It's no secret that stoners are viewed by some as lazy and unsuccessful. But as you may know that's not true for everyone. Here at Stoner Memes we are huge believers in using weed for boosted productivity and creativeness. Lots of potheads manage to live very successful and fulfilling lives, strive to be like them!


Another very accurate stoner meme. It's very useful being a pothead that can also cook. That way you can make yourself great food when you have the munchies!



Every stoner knows the feeling well. You're home alone stoned to the bone and you hear a noise coming from upstairs and the paranoia starts hitting you hard. Most of the time it's nothing to worry about but it can be stressful for some. 


There's nothing worse than feeling down in the dumps and then smoking some weed to lift your spirits up - only to find yourself even more sad and high. Sometimes it's easier just to go sleep during these times.


It really makes you think, if you could smoke with anyone in the world, who would it be? Personally I think Seth Rogen would be a super chill guy to smoke with. 


Stoners do very funny things when they get desperate. This stoner meme is a prime exactly of doing just that. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to smoke because you can't find a lighter or one that works. 



Stoners aren't really known for exercising that much, but that's okay. Coughing from taking huge bong rips is how potheads tend to stay in shape and keep those abs in top form. 


We all have that friend who always gets way more baked than everyone else. But that's okay, we all enjoy the entertainment.


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