What exactly is The High Council all about?

The High Council is a collection of professionals, growers and potrepreneurs who who are actively looking to break barriers, crush social sigmas and represent themselves proudly.

Through endless hours of brainstorming, drawing designs and contemplating life, we finally hit on something that we loved. So here we are! We are a 420 clothing company that want's its loyal fan base to be proud of the hats, hoodies and tee's we sell. We want you strutting around your city, head up "high" and be proud to be a cannabis activist. Know that you are now part of an elite community. Welcome to The High Council.

Check out our Thriving Social Media Community!

If you aren't a part our large Facebook community yet then you are missing out! From our Stoner Memes page with over 51,000 fans to our close-knit group High Council group which is rapidly expanding - we take pride in maintaining a strong social presence and keeping our fans and customers engaged on a daily basis. 

 Make sure to like our page  if you haven't already so you can see our newest memes posted daily. We are always doing exciting things on this page such as our latest Stoner Quiz we just launched as well as giveaways and contests to win awesome stuff from our store.

The coolest part about our social media community is that fact that we are  weed lovers from ALL  over the globe. It's a great way to meet people interested in the same things as you and to see how weed is viewed in different cultures and areas of the world. 





Facebook not really your thing? No worries, we also have over 1000  fans between our Instagram and Twitter. And if that's not good enough, we can also be found on Etsy, Pinterest, Reddit, and even Tumblr. We want people who may be interested in The High Council to be able to find us no matter what social media platform they prefer. And by being active on all of these powerful and popular platforms - we aim to do just that. 

Here at The High Council we are very community driven. We love to interact with our fans and customers and get feedback whenever possible. We would love for you to connect with us and other council members on social media and make yourself known. Post pictures, share memes, etc. You never know - there may even be some free swag involved here and there!